Walking: the Changes

A Beautiful Valentine

Linda M. Hasselstrom and James W. Parker are pleased to announce the Valentine’s Day pre-release of their collaboration “Walking: the Changes”, a book of poetry and photography, commemorating the love story between Linda and her husband Jerry Ellerman.

The book features 64 poems written by Hasselstrom, accompanied by full-color photographs by Parker, illustrating life on the western South Dakota prairie.

Ann Haber Stanton, author of ”Deadwood’s Jewish Pioneers, wrote about the book:

“Linda M. Hasselstrom and James W. Parker, both South Dakotans, find stories everywhere in the prairies and hills. His photographs tell stories of forgotten places and lives through light, shadow, and color, creating love stories to the land.

Linda’s poems explore the same landscapes, finding humanity in the lands and people she knows and imagines. She can see herself walking to Decker’s Market in Lusk, Wyoming, and she recognizes that corporate-created pollution in Bhopal leads husbands to divorce wives whose babies die in their wombs, but she saves a spider instead of killing it. She watches spruce trees bow like ladies, and tastes summer in the juice of a plum. Like all writers, she battles with autocorrect on her computer.

Here are two poets: one with words, one with photographs, collaborating to show their love and understanding of western South Dakota, creating a book filled with compassion, humility, and gentle humor.”

A signed limited edition is now available now for pre-order directly from the authors, at a special price of $24.95 + $5.00 shipping via USPS. The publication price will be $29.95 starting March 1 through Amazon.com

Pre-order yours today!