Print Guarantee

If your print is damaged due to an accident, or if your dog eats it, I will replace it for free. Any good excuse will be considered, at the artist’s discretion.

If a print has been damaged due to negligence or neglect, or has been hung without proper attention to minimum protection, I will replace the print at cost, including canvas prints that are badly damaged.

I will replace prints for the original owner at no charge, provided the following conditions are met:

The damaged print is returned to me with the original signature, edition and print number on the face of the print, postage paid by the owner.

A copy of the original COA is included with the return.

Return postage for the replacement print is paid by the owner.

An Image for an Image

The original print being replaced will be destroyed. The replacement print will be reissued with the same edition and print number as the original to retain the total number of existing prints in the edition.

For all returns, please contact me before shipping any prints or canvas gallery wraps. If I go broke replacing prints for people, there won’t be any more replacements, so use your best judgement in making a request.

The care and feeding of the
photographic print

All prints should be framed under UV glass or acrylic to protect them from light as well as environmental pollutants, such as dust and pollen. I use TruVue Conservation Reflection Control non-glare glass on all my work, up to 30 x 40″. Larger works can be presented with anti-reflective glass or acrylic, depending on where you plan to display them. Hanging prints in the sun will definitely shorten their lifespan, especially if they are framed with ordinary window glass. If I am not framing the print for you, ask your framer for the best options. If possible, keep prints out of direct sunlight and away from humid environments.

Canvas Gallery Wraps

The large canvas gallery wraps are durable, yet fragile in some ways. The varnish coating allows you to wipe dust from the surface with a damp cloth. Don’t rub too hard. They are also susceptible to damage from contact with other objects, however, and care must be taken not to bump them around too much. Be especially mindful of the corners and the edges.

Mounted and Framed Canvas

The newer laminated canvas has a built-in crystalline coating that resists water and pollutants, but can be scratched and scuffed. Do NOT use any cleaners such as Windex or furniture polish on them, and take care to avoid touching the surface with your hands, as the oils from your fingertips may react adversely with the surface.

My replacement guarantee does NOT extend to canvas prints that have been mishandled.

Longevity testing

If reasonable care is taken, pigment prints will last a long time. According to Henry Wilhelm, who does independent longevity testing for several major manufacturers, Epson K3 UltraChrome pigment prints are fade resistant up to 200 years. Representative findings can be viewed for the Epson SC-P5000 and the 7880/9880. Inkjet technology has improved vastly in ten years — prints made with today’s professional printers will outlast Cibachrome prints and many older chromogenic prints (type C prints).

These prints will outlast both you and I and become a cherished keepsake for generations to come. Much effort and care has gone into creating each piece that graces your wall.

In the end, your satisfaction with the work is what matters the most to me.