Why Would You Want to Tell Your Story?

That’s a very good question. Humans love to tell stories, about their families, their adventures, and the special events in their lives. Some of us are better story tellers than others, though. Maybe you need a little boost with the design, or you’re stuck writing the second chapter of your book. Whatever the reason, you can get some free advice. Book a fifteen minute consultation with me now.

But I Haven't Got Anything to Say...

Sure you do! Whether you are just starting out with a small downtown store, or you’ve got a thriving business running out of your home, your customers want to know the latest news. What your favorite color is. How you got to where you are. What’s your philosophy. Maybe you need a website, or a marketing brochure. What do YOU have to say? Think about it, and then book a free fifteen minute consultation to find out how to tell YOUR story.

How Do I Get Started?

As Ray Bradbury once put it, start at the top with a single word. Add another word somewhere in the middle of the page, and then fill in the blanks. Start with a free consultation about your goals and needs. We can work from there.

If You've Got a Story to Tell...

Good stories start with a single idea, or perhaps two, woven skillfully around a good design. Good books are nothing more than good stories threaded around common themes. Branding is the same way. So is social media. Whatever your need, a little assistance is just a click away. For a limited time, you can book a free consultation to discuss YOUR story and how to get it out there.

Plan: The First Step

Before setting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, it sure helps to have an idea of where you’re going. In the agency business, we call this the definition phase. From project plans to budgets to reference materials, this is where you should start.

Design: The Fun Part

Whether it’s a paintbrush, a pencil, or the computer, who doesn’t love sitting down and actually making the idea happen? With a good plan in place, designing the story is just a bit easier.

Execute: Making it Happen

Sometimes this is where you need the most help. From getting that novel into electronic form and published to creating a month’s worth of social media posts, the development phase of the project often takes the longest. And can be the most fun.

Publish: Your Work Goes Live!

Finally! You’ve done your planning, come up with a design you love, and got your papers all in order. Now you’re ready to fly! But where are you going? My expertise in both traditional publishing and social media might be just the help you need.