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Peter and I go way back. Originally a hair salon owner, in Birmingham, Michigan, Peter’s Place was a fixture along West Maple. With services for both women and men, my wife Karyn and I both went there for many years. When Peter wanted to go on-line with his self-branded product line, I helped him revise his web presence with two iterations of product and service oriented web design. HIs products ranged from shampoo and conditioner to specialized sprays for hair color, frizzy hair and other individual needs.

I shot most of Peter’s products over the years — an easy assignment, and maintained the site until he decided to go into semi-retirement and sell the lovely old house that housed his salon. He’s still cutting hair, but without the overhead.

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Peter’s business cards featured colors keyed to the website home page


Is truly  a passion and artistic  photographer.

Jim and I have worked on many projects

For my business that 

Showed his passion and understanding the client and the art. 

Jim’s message is truly 

Simple and artistic.

—Peter Scaglione, P24 Hair

February 2, 2020