Linda M. Hasselstrom – Book Design and Publication

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This past year, I had the opportunity to work with rancher/writer Linda M. Hasselstrom. An extraordinary guiding light to hundreds of writers around the country, she asked me to assist in publishing a book of essays on the writing craft. From her original manuscript, I created a style sheet, presented cover concepts, and worked with her through several editorial iterations to get her book to the level she required. From a number of chapter manuscripts written and edited in Word, we moved the files into InDesign, and I spent a great deal of time insuring everything was consistent and clear.

I also worked with Bowker and IngramSpark to assign ISBN numbers, fill in metadata, and handle all the behind-the-scenes project management that goes with getting a book published as an indie author. Most of this work was done through my publishing company, Palmer Creek Publishing. It took about six months from start to finish, after Linda handed me her draft manuscript. If you’d like some advice on publishing your own work, give me a jingle, or use the request form at Palmer Creek to drop me a line.


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This gallery will show you a couple of the cover concepts, and some sample spreads. If you’d like to read the entire book, it’s available on


January 17, 2021