How Should You Frame That Piece?


Beyond Basic Black

While I only carry several different styles in stock, that doesn’t mean that your choices are limited. Please give me a call for a personal consultation to discuss your particular design needs. I work with several large national frame moulding distributors on a regular basis, and can provide custom framing services from a simple gift to a whole office project.  Call or email, and I can provide corner samples, and more images of frame projects.

Classic Frames

A classic frame package consists of one or more mats over the photograph, which is attached by means of archival paper hinges to a backing board. The image is protected either by glass or by plexiglass, and in some cases, a laminate finish over the print. You can purchase my work in several different frame styles, both manufactured, and custom-built in my shop.


Ruins of the settlement at Lee’s Ferry, this window looks toward the landing. Limited edition of 250, signed and numbered.


My favorite frame for the moment is Palladio, in black/brown. It’s a mildly distressed wood frame with a beeswax finish. The dark tones complement most of the “Dakota Montana” and “Stories Told in Things Left Behind” series. I pair it with TruVue’s Conservation Reflection Control glass (CRC), which pairs a diffusion layer to keep glare down, with a UV protective coating on the back. Frames are finished on the back with sturdy hangers, plastic coated wire which won’t rust or stain your walls, and a black Tyvek® dust-cover. 

The Gallery Frame

Another classic style is the black wood gallery frame. On the larger pieces, (20×26 and above), it’s a 1 1/2″ matte black style, with simple square lines. For smaller pieces, a 3/4″ molding is used. And as a third option, I offer a metal frame with a brushed “Florentine” finish, also in black.

Typically with the gallery frame, I use TruVue’s Conservation Clear glass, which is offers less expensive UV protection, without the reflection control. Larger pieces (up to 30×40) can be framed and glassed, either in the Palladio style, or in a black gallery frame. On occasion, I also use acrylic glazing to keep the weight down for a more traditional presentation in a frame. 

“Door, Unopened” in 1″ Black gallery frame.

Glassless Styles

I’ve also begun producing larger prints in several glassless configurations. A canvas photograph is laminated to a backing board (GatorBoard) and then framed. The backs are finished with heavy-duty hangers, plastic coated wire and a black Tyvek dustcover.

These laminated pieces look great in custom reclaimed frames. You can get these in a number of styles, including the Western style barnwood frame; a handmade hardwood and linen liner frame; and a solid walnut composite. Each frame is crafted by hand, one at a time. Five types of hand-made reclaimed wood frames are available to you, in sizes 16×24 on up to 6 feet wide. Please contact me for more pictures and current availability.

48×32 “Leave A Light in the Window” framed in 3″ solid walnut frame with walnut cap. Overall size 58″ x 42″

Western Style Frame

You can also choose a simpler barn wood style, the Western Style frame. Constructed of simple aged wood, it frames a traditional image perfectly at an affordable cost. 

Dry Well

36×24 “Dry Well” in Western style gray barn wood frame

Panoramic Photos

Shadow of the Bear

48 x 20″ Shadow of the Bear in a custom barnwood frame. Overall dimension roughly 54″ x 26″

Traditional canvas frames with liner

For a more traditional look, I use a dark-toned 2″ square frame with a 1″ linen liner, as well as a wider 3″ rustic frame paired with a 2″ liner. These are lightweight, and avoid the obvious issues of shipping and hanging a larger piece of glass.

Shadow of the Bear

48 x 20″ Shadow of the Bear framed with 1″ linen liner and rustic black frame. Overall dimensions approximately 53″ x 25″

Roll Out the Barrels

48 x 32″ “Roll Out the Barrels” in a 3″ Rustic Brown scoop frame with a 2″ Linen Liner

Linen Liner Styles

The two styles with liners can be configured with different width liners. I carry three liner widths, in a natural linen: 1″, 2″ and 3″. See the chart below for a comparison of how each looks.

1" Liner2" Liner
2" Antique Black Frame
3" Brown Scoop Frame

The styles shown are by no means the only frames available to you. Please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email with your requirements. I can also post alternate ideas modelled after your room. Contact me for details on how that can be accomplished. I look forward to working with you on your next decorating project!