Books are integral to our lives.

Whether it’s a classic novel, a romantic pot-boiler, or your own biography, words drive our thoughts. Have you ever dreamed of publishing your own novel? Or a family history?

I’ve a good deal of experience writing, photographing, and assembling books for clients such as yourself– ordinary people who wished to make a permanent record of memories or a special event.

Start Your Project Now

Books are a wonderful way to keep your memories alive. Whether you have a shoebox full of old snapshots, or a special day that you’d like to commemorate, I can show you how to preserve your images and thoughts. Schedule a free consultation call with me to discuss your book project!

Write Now, Here’s How!

I’m proud to say that I worked with Linda M. Hasselstrom on her latest book. Linda writes from the heart, and from her experience as a rancher on the western Dakota plains. Write Now, Here’s How! is a collection of forty essays that lead the reader through six decades of writing challenges. Hasselstrom knows how to encourage, challenge, instruct and entertain. I helped Linda with the design work, and the book is  published through Palmer Creek Publishing.

Available now through Amazon.

woman holding paperback book with prairie background

Southwestern Sojourn

My epic photographic expedition last May covered thousands of miles, from eastern Colorado to Mesa Verde, Hovenweep, and down the Green River in Utah. With over 100 pages of photographs and text, the trip produced many memorable images, some of which are available in the Gallery.

The hardcover and softcover editions are available for purchase on Amazon.

Signed hardcover editions are available on my website, here.

Stories Told in Things Left Behind

My most popular series, “Stories Told…” is available as a 48 page hard-cover volume. With 42 memorable photographs, this intimate look at my current series deserves a spot on your bookshelf or coffee table. Available signed, at art shows, or by mail.

A Disappearing Agrarian Landscape

My first book of photographs, with 24 images in sepia. This is the series that started it all, with photographs from the Black Hills, and the Great Plains. With accompanying text, this volume showcases the series that brought me back to my roots as a visual historian. These images are available as signed limited edition prints, through the Gallery, or in the book, available online, here.

Hiking with the Grimms

Al & Jeanne Grimm, the parents of my oldest friend Eric, hiked with my wife and I many times in the Black Hills. Over the years, Al took us up and down drainages, and bushwhacked into many a box canyon for the love of being outdoors. Sadly, both Al & Jeanne have passed away. I created a keepsake for myself and our friends to remember the interesting places we’ve been. Limited edition, by invitation only.

Welcome to the Farm

A project commissioned by an Illinois family to document the family property near Peoria. The assignment was to make images of the land and the cabins that the family enjoys. I spent three days on the property, shooting photographs, and several weeks refining the images and producing the book. The final product is 80 pages, with spreads 24″ x 12″. Two copies were produced, one for the family, and one for my files.

New Zealand Odyssey

During a three week trip to New Zealand in 2017, I made a series of photographs. This book documented the process of getting those images, and the trip itself. Some of the pictures can be found in the Gallery section, but it was important to our traveling companions to have a record of the journey. Planned jointly by Aviva Pinto and myself, we covered over 900 miles on both the North and South Island of New Zealand.


Deadwood’s Jewish Pioneers

This book takes a more extensive look at the background and presents some of the Jewish personalities who helped stabilize and develop this frontier. Framed as a historical journey, with much original material drawn from newspaper accounts, illuminated by historical photos, this book is filled with absorbing stories tthat bring the Black Hills Gold Rush and its people to life.

Ann and I worked on this book for several months. She had a manuscript gathered over many years, and wanted help assembling it into a cohesive book. My job was to take the copy and design the book. Once the book had been laid out, I helped her get an initial publication run printed for distribution at an event in Pierre, SD. Since then, the book has been revised, and published through Ingram Spark. Ann’s website has current news.

The book is currently available through Amazon.