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Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press

I've used the Graph Paper Press themes on a couple of web sites for other artists, and have found them pretty easy to work with. Steve Baldauf's site uses the Chromatic theme, while the page for Antoni Kozlowski uses the Base theme. Check out the artists, and check...

Art Show Tracking Template

Often, simple is better when it comes to keeping on schedule, and getting things done. This is an Excel spreadsheet that I use from year to year to keep notes on which shows I've applied to, and which shows I still need to do the paperwork for. It could be a lot more...

A simple show comparison worksheet

If you are on the fence about traveling to a national show versus staying home to do a smaller show, here's an Excel spreadsheet that will help you model the expense and income from both. Make one sheet that reflects your actual product mix, and then duplicate it for...

New Season, New Trailer, New Shows

New Season, New Trailer, New Shows

In the aftermath of the Main Street Fort Worth show, I had some time to reflect on what was working and what wasn't with my transportation systems. After a lot of thought, a few sketches and some conversation, I decided to go with a setup similar to the one I had...


May 2022