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Stories and anecdotes from fifteen years on the art show circuit. 

Custom Hardwood Frames

This past show season, you might have noticed some sleek new frames on larger canvas laminated pieces. Available in three sizes, you can choose from maple, cherry, or walnut. The examples below show what’s available currently. But our shop can make you a custom frame in hardwood, with either a 1″ or a 2″ linen liner, as shown. Let us know how we can help!

Click on an image to see it larger. Standard size pricing as follows:

24 x 36″ 2″ hardwood with 1″ linen liner $929
32 x 48″ 3″ hardwood with 2″ linen liner $1429
60 x 40″ 3″ hardwood with 2″ linen liner $2479

February 17, 2022

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