Life As An Itinerant Artist

Stories and anecdotes from fifteen years on the art show circuit. 

Resources for Photographers

drafting tools

In conjunction with the next Photographers Business Boot Camp Friday, March 15 (2019), at Washtenaw College, I have revised this resource page. Many of the links were mentioned in the all-day seminar; others are lucky-strike extras. Please feel free to leave comments about other software or articles that you’ve found useful.

Here is a link to the updated presentation.  TimeManagement_2019

Here is the presentation with speaker notes.  TimeManagement_2019_withnotes

I found it interesting that no one asked what the significance of the barrels and milk cans is in the first and last slides. They represent buckets of time. In case you were curious.

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(Republished with revisions 3/16/2019)

Imaging Software

Adobe (Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator…)

Affinity Photo, Designer & Publisher (Adobe alternatives) Affinity

Aurora HDR and Luminar (Skylum Software)

OnOne Software


Nik Plug-ins (now owned by DxO

Topaz Plug-ins


Raya Pro

AstroPad – use your iPad and Apple Pencil as a tablet

Business Tools

FileMaker Pro






Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint

FotoBiz X



Google Calendar

Google Drive

Writing Tools


iA Writer

Pages (Apple)

Web site development

ZenFolio Use referral code 9BP-ZYX-ECM for a 10% discount


Elegant Themes (DIVI)

GraphPaperPress (WordPress Templates)

PhotoCrati (Photographer specific WordPress Templates)​

Elegant Themes (Divi)

Email Marketing


Vertical Response

Constant Contact


Navigation Tools – for mobile and desktop

FocalWare Lite – the original FocalWare is no longer available in the App Store…

The Photographer’s Ephemeris — web app, iOS and Android

PhotoPills — another very useful tool to have on the mobile device. Both iOS and Android

Waze – Live traffic, crowdsourced accident reports. iOS and android

Garmin InReach Mini – A very useful satellite communication device for the backcountry

Articles for a Deeper Dive

David Allen “Getting Things Done”

The Pareto Principle

Creating a Business Strategy

How to Write a Business Plan

Guide to writing a NASA-grade mission statement 

The Big Lie of Strategic Planning 

Five Reasons You Should Stop Multitasking

Nine Ways Multitasking is Killing Your Brain and Productivity According to Neuroscientists

How to Get More Work Done in a Week Than Most People Do in a Month

The Eisenhower Matrix

Why Your Instagram Nature Shot is Breaking the Law (Outside Online)

Fine Art Resources


Juried Art Services

Entry Thingy

Art Show Photographers Facebook Group

Alyson Stanfield “Art Biz Success” 

Art Fair Calendar

Art Fair Insiders

Art Show Photo website

Larry Berman’s website


March 2, 2019

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