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“Stories Told in Things Left Behind” Hardcover Book

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I am pleased to announce that my second book is now available for purchase! The first edition features over 42 images from the “Stories Told in Things Left Behind” series, and is printed on heavy satin stock. Hardbound with a linen cover, the book also has a four-color dustcover. Each book will be signed & numbered. There are 25 books in this limited edition.

Building on my early black & white photographs in “A Disappearing Agrarian Landscape”, the new book showcases over forty images with stories to tell. From the empty interiors of Bannack to the gold fields of Vulture City, each picture offers insights into the lives of the miners, ranchers and ordinary people who built these towns. Dishes left on the table, patterns of faded wallpaper, fields of flowers colored by the setting sun — each image illustrates another life, another time.

In this collection, I trace my development as a visual historian. Having spent the better part of my photographic career making pictures in these old homesteads and towns, the new book offers a glimpse into life as it was, each image stands on its own, and relates to the next in a never-ending thread stretching back 100 years.

Photographed with small-format digital cameras and lenses, these are more than pictures. They are romantic sketches of how we perceive the historical past to be. Many miles were traveled & many hours were spent behind the viewfinder. If you’ve ever wondered what the story behind a particular image was, this book offers up some clues.

“Stories Told in Things Left Behind” started as a tagline to succinctly describe the motivation behind this project. As the miles fell behind the rear-view, certain themes began to emerge. Doors, certainly. Chairs in shafts of light. Sparse interiors. Prairie churches and majestic elevators.

Each of these stories lets the viewer bring their own experiences to the telling. This photographic journey covers many miles and many years. And if the tale ain’t true, it sure ought to be!


December 6, 2018

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