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Art Show Tracking Template

Often, simple is better when it comes to keeping on schedule, and getting things done. This is an Excel spreadsheet that I use from year to year to keep notes on which shows I’ve applied to, and which shows I still need to do the paperwork for. It could be a lot more complicated, with columns for booth fees, electrical, whether I’ve sent the money in, and so forth. But practically, since Zapp keeps payment and acceptance records indefinitely, and you can generally access the archived applications, I found that I really only needed a list to go by from year to year. I apply to the same shows from year to year, adding a few, subtracting a few. Too much data was overkill for me.

So here’s the spreadsheet. Feel free to modify, add, delete, whatever you like. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Art Show Applications Blank

December 18, 2014

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