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Stories and anecdotes from fifteen years on the art show circuit. 

Anatomy of my booth labels

Design for a booth label

Example of a booth label

One of the things that is useful in the context of any art exhibition is to identify the artwork and provide some details to the viewer. In a gallery setting, these are most often white, with black type, set in a consistent location to the lower right corner of the artwork. In an artshow setting, I use 4″ x 2.5″ labels on the wall in my booth to help identify locations and titles of my work to customers. I’ve been using this design for a while now, as I carry several different sizes of matted prints as well as the framed work on the wall.

I designed them so that I could hang different sized framed pieces on the wall and yet only need one tag. Many people find this confusing, even though the size is ticked with a red marker (at shows), and will inquire which size is hanging on the wall. I’ve found that people will also ask the location, even though it’s on the tag. The design states it on the tag, but still encourages conversation, as the type is small and reversed out of the background. This is partly by design, to match other branding materials, but also to make it a bit harder to read. Counter-intuitive, maybe, but it does encourage conversation.

September 10, 2010

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