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We’re All Connected (by joy)

We're All Connected

This past month has been the month of self-assignments! Sheree Rensell (@wizzlewolf), a Tampa-area artist and teacher, started a group on Twitter to self-produce a gallery exhibit. The group, #twitterartshow, has about 40 members, and collectively decided to create some art around the connected artist theme.

While I was working on the vegetableaus, one of the pieces seemed especially appropriate for the twitter:140. I was stringing beans on a slender dark thread, and when I photographed them, they suddenly seemed to form groups spontaneously. Dancing in the light, the beans were all connected by the slender thread (twitter) and shared a common bond of beaniness. Just like Twitter.

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit goofy. My take on the twitter art show was to have some fun with the idea, and still illustrate the multiple conversations and threaded ideas that permeate the twitterverse.

July 1, 2009

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