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Where can I buy Frames and Matboard?

Artists ask me all the time, “Where can I get good mats cut?” or “What’s a good resource for framing materials?” Rather than expound on the merits of making your own (I’ll save that for another post), I’ll just list a few reliable time-tested sources.

Mats and Backing

  1. 888-275-2464 (1-888-ASK-BING) Bing or Nancy. Pre-cut mats and custom sizes
  2. 877-537-2637 (1-877-5FRAMES) Pre-cut mats and custom sizes. Website allows online ordering of custom sizes.
  3. 205-755-7558 custom sizes

Frame Mouldings – Retail

  1. American Frame 888-628-3833 (retail)
  2. Frame Destination 877-537-2637 (1-877-5FRAMES) Complete kits and Custom sizes

Frame Mouldings – Wholesale

  1. TC Moulding 800-735-302 (MN) or 800-632-4842 (MI)
  2. Decor Moulding 800-937-1055 (NY)
  3. Studio Moulding 800-262-4174 (CA)

Framing supplies – Wholesale & Retail

  1. United Manufacturers – 800-645-7260 (Wholesale, requires a reseller id)
  2. Talas – 212-219-0770 Archival and Bookbinding supplies (Retail)
  3. Light Impressions – 800-828-6216  (Retail)
  4. Jerry’s Art-a-rama – 800-827-8478 (Retail)
  5. Dick Blick 800-828-4548 (Retail)

Glass & Plexiglass

  1. Try looking for a distributor locally. In the Detroit metropolitan area, Circle Glass & TC Moulding can provide standard and custom cut TruVue glass by the case. Try not to use hardware store glass — UV or Reflection Control glass will help your work last longer. I like the Tru-Vue Conservation Clear, as it balances cost and effectiveness. Some folks like Museum Glass, but it’s a bit more expensive.
  2. For a Tru-Vue distributor near you, click here.
  3. For UV and standard plexiglas, you can order singles from American Frame, or find a distributor. AIN Plastic sells by the square foot in major metro areas.

Archival Mounting and Presentation services

  1. Laumont – 212-245-2113 – A very high-end digital printing and mounting company in NYC

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  1. Try Click on Go Shopping and choose Browse All Product Categories. Click on Boards, then Mat and Mounting Boards. You can narrow this search by entering “Pre cut Mat” in a window. There are over 30 assortments to choose from.

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