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Stories and anecdotes from fifteen years on the art show circuit. 

Scouting the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Moonrise

Full Moon Tonight.

My friends Marc and Wendy Zoschke called me when I was in Sedona after the Phoenix shows and said,”You’ve got to come up to the Grand Canyon! The full moon will be rising tonight!”

So I packed up my bags and headed up to Flagstaff. Got a motel and then ran up through the San Francisco Peaks to the South Rim. Rushed madly along the rim looking for an eastern exposure, checking out all the viewpoints along the way. Found that most of the South Rim doesn’t face east enough to give me what I previsualized, but I chalked it up to scouting. I knew in advance that I wouldn’t have a lot of time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I did get this shot and a couple others which I’m quite happy with, although they weren’t exactly what I had in mind.

I did however, make use of a fantastic tool that helps to predict where the sun and moon will rise and set. There are several apps for the iPhone that do this, but the one by Spiral, Focal, does the job the best. I used it quite a lot this trip and can say that it’s definitely worth the $10.

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