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Booth Sign Redux

Booth Sign

I use a simple sign printed both sides on aluminum, hanging from the awning support. It’s small enough to be unobtrusive, yet visible from several booths away. I use a couple of lengths of hardware chain and zip ties to fasten it. Quick, durable, doesn’t blow around in the wind, and is waterproof.

This shot shows the sign in context with a row of booths — in this case I had a corner, so there’s no booth on the side with the sign.

Booth sign closeup

Booth sign hangs well above head level

The second shot shows how the sign looks up close, from directly in front of the booth. I had mine done from an Illustrator file, with just my logo and location, to extend my brand to the outside of the booth during a show. 

I had the sign printed at a local FastSigns franchise. They can also print on vinyl and other substrates, and can probably print a soft sign if that’s your preference. I like the aluminum as it is durable, stays stable in the wind, and doesn’t rust or puncture.

February 21, 2009

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