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Good Art Fair publications for artists and patrons alike

I’ve recently been featured in a couple of publications, and want to pass along this info for those who may not be aware of these great art fair resources.

First off, Connie Mettler featured me as the artist of the month on her extensive art fair site. Every month Connie selects a well-known, (or perhaps not so well-known) artist to showcase in her weekly emails and show updates. Her site lists many of the best shows across the country, by state, to aid in finding a show to look at and maybe purchase some fine art. You can read the full article, here, and also sign up for her weekly mailings. Her blog is also full of interesting information and tidbits from across the art show universe.

Jonathan Himlin’s magazine, Art Showcase, is another good read for artists and show-goers. Published quarterly, it features articles on national artists, and regional talent. The July/August edition comes out in conjunction with the Ann Arbor art fairs and gets handed out to all the Ann Arbor attendees. Monthly issues are available online as well. Print subscriptions are free. [No longer publishing the Ann Arbor Art Fair Showcase]

August 1, 2008

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