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Off the beaten track

This video must be making the rounds — hadn’t seen it before, but it’s pretty darn scary. Not the heights, but the fact that the cameraman is taping as he balances above the chasm! At first I thought that he had on a helmet cam, so as to keep his hands free, especially on those sections where the concrete path has disintegrated completely, but looking more closely at a spot where his shadow is visible, it’s obvious that he’s just HOLDING the camera. My god, nerves of steel.

This short article on Wikipedia has a bit of background on the trail, a via ferrata, called El Caminito del Rey. It’s in Andalusia, Spain, and the cliffs of El Chorro are very popular climbing destinations. Like I said, a bit off the beaten path. Thanks to Val for sending on the link.

May 30, 2008

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