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What Art Shows Should I Do?

Levis Commons Art Festival

Art Fair Databases and show info

One question that gets asked a lot, is “What shows should I do?” While I certainly could provide a list of the A shows around the country, you are well advised to do your own research, walk shows if possible before entering and ask other artists. You can get a lot of information from online forums, including the Art Fair SourceBook forum, the NAIA forum and others. Here are a few of the more useful reference sources:

Sunshine Artist magazine — while the reviews are somewhat biased at times, the show information is usually up to date. They also publish a show guide every other year, in which they rate most of the shows, based on artist feedback. The web site database is searchable, but not terribly useful as it only lists shows and dates. To get the contact info, you have to subscribe to the magazine.

Greg Lawler’s Art Fair Sourcebook — on the web and in print. Pricey, but well worth the money. You can pay for regional coverage. The web database is by far the most useful, as it is searchable and contains the artist reviews. The reviews, and in-depth information can’t be beat. Also artist reviews are open to all registered users. The forums on his site are also a good source of show info.

Art Calendar — in magazine form and on the web. Source for show, gallery, grants and other info. Subscription. [No longer active]

The Harris List. A small, expensive listing of the top 125 shows nationwide. $65. You’re probably better off with the AFSB for the Northeast at $85 for the online version. [No longer active]

NAIA — the National Association for Independent Artists. The benefits of joining the NAIA are many, including a new advocacy hotline, access to all of the online resource material, and access to the show forums.

The Art List — online monthly subscription list to artist opportunities. $15 / year is worth it, but it’s a lot of info grouped into categories.

August 31, 2006

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