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Hollywood Chairs

Karyn Kozo and Jennifer Parker

Making Money is tough…

We spend a lot of time just sitting around at some shows, or at least my helpers do ;-). My wife Karyn and my niece Jennifer Parker are shown here, with the Hollywood chairs that Karyn bought after deciding that the $5 Dick’s Sporting Goods specials were spoiling her posture.

These chairs are awesome! They are comfortable, fold up for transport, and come with multiple accessories, like cupholders and an underseat pocket for storing the credit card machine and slips. Personally, I don’t spend a lot of time in mine, preferring to talk to customers in the booth most of the day, but when I need a rest, 5 minutes in a Hollywood is almost as good as a hot tub!

About the only thing negative I have to say about them is that they take a lot of space in the trailer, so measure first! We had them shipped to us in Florida when we first got them, and the boxes are about 45” x 8” by 20”. We had to rearrange some things to get them on board…

[Hollywood Chairs was acquired by Totally Bamboo some years ago. You can sometimes find them discounted on Amazon. May 2020]

Or you can order them by calling Planet Bamboo at 1.760.471.6600 or on the web at Planet Bamboo.

June 15, 2006

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