On the road again

Gearing up for a few weeks in Florida entails lots of preparation and anticipation. If you'd like to catch some new work in person, you can find me at ArtFest Fort Myers the first weekend in February, or at Artigras in Jupiter the third weekend. And catch some bargains at the wonderful Garage Sale Art Fair in Kalamazoo at the end of the month!

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Some new posts in a new blog

Read about Life As An Itinerant Artist, in the new and improved blog! Some thoughts on recent shows, and a peek into the backstory of a traveling photographer. I just got back from three weeks in South Dakota and Wyoming, and will have some new images to share with you. Read more...

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Thank you for being a part of my community and for the friendships new and continued throughout the year.

-- Jim

January 2018

The Garden Gate

The Garden Gate

This stone wall and pathway led to Wade's Plantation on Middle Caicos, in the Turks & Caicos. A little far afield from my usual Western landscapes, it nonethless illustrates a way of life gone by. Hard to get to, the site has a number of historical buildings in an advanced stage of decay.

The Right Word

The Right Word

In an earlier life as an art director, I loved creating slice of life vignettes for our clients. Designing the lighting, creating the story and finding the props to make it all come together was all part of the game. The Right Word is one of a new series illustrating avocations and aspirations. We all have interests aside from our work, although sometimes our work is tied to our hobbies. Watch for more at a show near you!